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More Colorful and Inviting – Living Room Trend


What is the most comfortable room of your home? Where you rest after a long day outside, reading a book, drinking wine with friends and family. Often, the living room is furnished following the latest trends in interior design. It is the heart of the home.


Choose A West Coast Look

We love the laid-back LA vibe that this living room creates. The room is decorated with a large wooden puzzle on the wall that repeats the shape of the sofa, which also resembles a huge textile puzzle.


Be Flexible With Furniture

The bookcases system can define powerful scenes for relaxation and reading area. An indispensable choice for enhancing collections of books and object and keeping them tidy.



Mix Old With New

The inspiring interior design captures a multitude of styles, all designed to offer a seamless collection of textures, colors, shapes and materials. Wood, concrete, glass, metal, exposed brick – all these materials, lines and details found their place in a surprising living room design.



Create Focus With Wall Art

Interior always looks empty and unfinished without painting, sculpture or photography. Often the choice is difficult, but the market has a huge amount of accessible art objects.



Combine Stripes & Florals

This sofa with its attractive color dispose to brave decisions. Monochrome wall bate intense blue color of the couch. Textile pillows in contrasting pop colors alternating striped and floral motifs.


Among the trends highlighted, there are even more diverse use of technology to manage the house. Concern for the environment is more present in the adoption of clean energy and green which is welcome in the spaces. The wood remains high : is in every corner of the house, including the ceilings. Crude and natural textures reinforce the warm feeling. It is worth noticing the decorative stones , tiles with wood appearance and wallpapers that mimic concrete or bricks.

The industrial style is also in evidence, especially in shades of gray and concrete. But blue is the great revelation , touted as the color of 2014 by Pantone . The kitchens are also more colorful and inviting.

Pay attention, through, the use of geometric shapes, especially in bespoke bookcases. Phrases and letters remain as simple alternatives to decorate niches, walls and even carpets.