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Color Wash: Painting the 2014 Interior Design Forecast


Hold on to your color swatches. The 2014 interior design palettes are awash in vibes from techno to tribal. Pantone View Home + Interiors 2014 paints a picture of the forthcoming season’s design trends that draw upon a landscape of colors to create themes for visual design inspiration. Pantone LLC “is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems.” For a preview of what’s to come in 2014 interior design, we examined five of the most alluring Pantone themes and suggested key pieces that capture the sentiment of each color palette.


Techno Color: Electronic Chic



Pantone’s Techno Color palette nods to the tech generation’s affinity for striking electronic devices vibrant with style and colorful personality. Think bright, poppy hues such as Exuberance orange and Dark Citron coupled with the electronic staples of metal and black. The vibe is a modern aesthetic of a strong color juxtaposed against a reflective surface.

Moda: High Drama


Key piece — A natural fiber area rug to pull the look together. An eco-friendly jute rug creates an authentic tribal vibe.



Think of the Moda color palette as the Daisy Buchanan of the 2014 Pantone lineup. It flutters with a touch of tasteful drama and svelte voluptuousness. Red Dahlia and Blackberry Cordial complement accents such as Amber Green or Rich Gold. The combinations create a look of high fashion underlined with a touch of whimsy. The design aesthetic begs for a backdrop of natural lighting during the day and a dark space to let shadows dance at night. Enhance the drama with light-filtering cellular shades.

Intimacy: Love Nest




Here’s one for the boudoir. The Intimacy color collection mingles subtle tints and neutral tones on both sides of the temperature spectrum to create a feeling of understated, closely connected comfort. Gardenia white is a complementary companion to Lotus pink, whereas Languid Lavender cuddles up with Opal Gray. Colors are soft and adaptable, and combinations co-mingle effortlessly for a timeless and approachable feel.

Tribal: Cultural Diversity



The Tribal color mix speaks to connections with tribes, including cultural, religious, political, or communal. Taupe hues such as Bleached Sand play off the exotic tone of Arabesque burnt orange. Goblin blue is brought to life by Curry and Peppercorn tones. An eco-friendly jute rug creates an authentic tribal vibe.

Eccentricities: No Rules



The Pantone’s Eccentricities palette is a wild ride of vibrant colors. It’s an anything-goes scheme that arouses adventure, experimentation and discovery. Neon Green Flash makes friends with bright Lemon Zest. Nectarine and Skydiver Blue team up to create a sense of elevated energy. A warm red cozies up its cooler counterpart, while Pirate Black and Marshmallow can complement any bright hue.