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Landscape of Light Captured in Glass Bells


The project Nola is a collaboration between Studio Drift and the new Dutch design label ‘Buhtiq 31’. Nola started as an experiment, playing with the endless possibilities combining colour and light in a special context. It became a landscape of light captured in glass bells. Through the combination of light pastel coloured hand blown glass and bright, complementary coloured LED’s Studio Drift ware able to establish a unique colour palette. By mixing the light trough the coloured bells and placing them in overlapping compositions a complex spectacle of light comes to life.


There are 4 different sizes of bells with 4 different glass colours. The integrated LED-system in the base of the bells enables us to mix the light colours within the entire spectrum and vary the light intensity. Once the light is turned on it will automatically mix it’s light with the glass. The mixture can be adjusted by pressing a button.