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Unique Restaurant&Bar Concept


Instead of making use of specific antique and vintage furniture pieces in the venue, ‘ i-am ‘ team has chosen to focus on the theme of ‘craftsmanship’, long prominent in the Karakoy neighborhood and adapt the related specific elements to present architectural and design trends. As a result, the materials of the venue have been chosen accordingly and can be observed with the prominent use of brass, oak and copper details. The venue was to create an environment that is both chic and laid-back so that it can cater to its guests at different times of the day.



The integration of the restaurant, bar and lounge areas was of most importance and helped create an architectural harmony in the venue. This was supported with the placing of mirrors alongside the walls in order to provide guests with the magnificent views that both terraces have to offer, regardless of where they are located within the space. To support this harmony that has been incremental in the design process, instead of placing separators to create these different zones, detail variances in flooring, ceiling and walls have been implemented so that the spacious feel of the venue could be maintained. via