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Trendy Italian Kitchen


Etoile, a kitchen that expresses Italian tradition in a wise yet modern way while suggesting an original interpretation of an international taste. It comprises the experience and the virtues of the classic kitchen expressed through trendy stylistic elements that stand out for their linearity and coherence. Its framed door is simple yet anything but commonplace:  the wide frame is inwardly inclined to mark the 45 degree joint. This door has a poised appeal that gives the room a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.


Decorative elements that hint to an international style have been added to this simple base: the sculptured plinth has three rounded fillets that underline the doors and give them more emphasis: the stone tops are very thick and have an elegantly moulded edge; some square pilasters with a decor that imitates the fillets on the plinth can be used to separate the base units, the wall units or the blocks of tall units. The arrangements are perfected by wall panelling enriched by a crown moulding. The wall-hung shelving units are fitted with shelves that are spaced out by turned columns that give the kitchen a personal and characterising note.  The same columns, fitted between lacquered shelves, can be used to finish the open end elements of islands and peninsular units in a really pleasant way.