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Swedish Inspired Environment


The first of its kind outside of Sweden, Aveqia is a place to connect through gastronomy, a concept that offers a meeting place for clients, colleagues and friends to socialise and build relationships while actively preparing food and eating together. Internationally renowned chefs oversee the experience of producing a top class meal as well as a social event. Briefed to create a convivial Swedish inspired environment in which to house cooking events, Brinkworth has created a welcoming and relaxed reception area and a series of five studios each housing fully functioning professional kitchens as well as dining areas where the food will be enjoyed.



Developing the concept from the original design by Lomar architects, Brinkworth has used mainly Scandinavian furniture, wallpaper and lighting to craft an interior with a sense of Sweden. A mix of contemporary design pieces and classic, heirloom furniture creates an authentic and unpretentious environment while everyday chairs epitomise Swedish domesticity and contrast with the sleek, contemporary kitchens. The use of North European timber veneers enhances the Scandinavian feel.


Brinkworth have split the lower ground floor space into a bar, sitting area and five studios. The studios have been thoughtfully designed with folding walls to flexibly accommodate larger or smaller groups. Wallpapered with colourful patterned paper, the folding walls create warm, intimate spaces when closed while allowing the space to accommodate up to 90 people when open.




While retaining unity, Brinkworth has designed the five studios as two groups, each with its individual personality. Different lighting and furniture has been installed in studios 1 and 2 to create a distinction from studios 3, 4 and 5. The bar acts as a reception area. A typically Swedish, green marble bar top and contemporary Scandinavian suspended tables link the space to Scandinavia while comfortable armchairs and sofas coupled with raw exposed brickwork create a warm, informal space.