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Graphic, Vibrant and Colorful Rugs by Sonya Winner Studio


In 2013 Sonya Winner Studio continues to develop more designs inspired by vibrant colour and bold forms. The latest new work is to launch at The Design Junction at the London Design Festival.


Vortex is created from a cluster of dynamic triangular forms held together by a central nucleus. As the triangles increasingly overlap towards the center of the piece, the shapes fragment to create smaller and smaller secondary triangles. These angular interlocking forms are created from vibrant bursts of warm color, which transform as they overlap to create new shades.


Galaxy is formed from a complex matrix of orbiting ovals which interlock to create a sinuous shapes and an array of warm green, purple and grey hues with highlights of crimson. The sense of movement created by this dynamic display is held together by Sonya’s expert manipulation of colour; each hue carefully selected to compliment the surrounding colours.


Following on from the success of Sonya’s iconic After Matisse rug, the blue purple variation explores the multitude of hues possible in purple and blue. With squares ranging from light dusky purple to deep rich burgundy,the rug beautifully playfully demonstrates the range of this colour and the subtle effects generated as these colours overlap to create new shades.