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3D Wall Panel


Modular 3D Wall Panel for interior , design by Jose Manuel Ferrero for Sankal. In the bedroom, in the hall, in the lounge, in a restaurant… The Tea hexagonal panels are multifaceted. Combining panels of 3 and 7 hexagons one can make endless compositions. The panel of 3 hexagons combines 2 plain and 1 quilted. The panel of 7 hexagons combines 4 plain and 3 quilted. Besides being a decorative panel, Tea has an acoustical function as it works as sound-deadening. The panels also serve as a headboard when combined with the base of the Tea bed. In each panel, can combine two fabrics (one for the quilt hexagons and the other for the plain ones). As a novelty we also incorporate Steelcut upholstery by Kvadrat for unquilted areas.