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New Modular Seating System by Arik Levy


Taking its name from pared-down, streamlined design, Palau’s new modular seating system is spacious and wholly adaptable. Developed by French-Israeli designer Arik Levy, Stream includes a range of boxy elements with backs and armrests at various heights. Available in different colours and materials, the collection features vivid seaming that accentuates a firm yet comfy upholstery.


‘Stream is not only practical, it’s an experience,’ says Levy, ‘a platform to meet and connect.’ The sofa swings around any space creating micro architecture. The options to arrange the modules in different configurations are endless. One module functions as a table with a storage unit hidden underneath. Easily blending within living rooms, hotel lobbies or office spaces, Stream was incorporated in Quub Interior Concepts’ 2013 Infopact Office design.