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Technology Hall by Grech & Vinci | Architecture & Design


A technology hall for a manufacturer of high specification electronic car components combines futuristic luxury with the design of an interactive experience for clients and visitors. The remodelling project saw the complete removal of the existing layout, which was replaced with a detail-led, immersive concept to showcase the firm’s capabilities to the full.



The hall is accessed with a fingerprint recognition device, and upon entry, the client or visitor is transported into a seamless monochrome environment. At the click of a switch, an illuminated glass panel reveals itself to be a door and visiting parties begin to progress through a series of chambers.

Undulating matte white walls that act as partitions hover with the tiniest shadow gap over smooth black resin flooring. Overhead, a double layer soffit in matte black allows cool air from AC units to flow down into the rooms while keeping the ceiling entirely unblemished, save for integrated lighting from Flos.

The visitor is guided through the space, passing through a succession of portals highlighted by strips of LED lighting that signal different stages of the experience.

The first room is large, containing simulators and larger products, and the next features custom furniture modules with white curves displaying the firm’s smaller products at an accessible level. This invites clients to handle and test their designs, while the information is relayed through a bank of large flat screens. Technicians can access and program multimedia presentations by entering the dividing partitions, thereby keeping the outward appearance entirely free of cables.

A small stretch of corridor follows; allowing guests to reflect and walk before a doorway edged in LED lights announces a presentation space. Here, a custom steel bench with integrated power outlets for laptops or tablets is placed and continues to reflect the overall ultra modern design theme, accompanied by white Tokyo Pop stools for seating. A large flat screen, and a custom steel lectern, created in the same sinuous vein stand in front.

The hall also includes a luxurious reception room where clients can relax and enjoy refreshments at the end of a tour or presentation. This room opens out onto a roof top terrace with unobstructed views, an outdoor entertaining space defined by perforated steel boxes that continue the automotive theme – recalling the grill of a car. Inside, a sleek plaster finish and Le Corbusier club chairs in black leather and chrome complement the modern black glass wall that slides away to reveal a recessed bar. An iRoom device controls temperature and music at the touch of a screen, and a fully equipped kitchen for catering lies just behind should food be required. Article suggested by Grech & Vinci | Architecture & Design