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Contemporary Twist to the Interior Design of a Restaurant


YOD Design Studio has given a contemporary twist to the interior design of a restaurant in downtown Kiev, whilst instilling the spirit of one of the Ukraine’s most unique cities. The Odessa restaurant has welcomed in a new era with the reworking of its interior by YOD designers, Vladimir Nepyivoda, Dmitry Bonesko and Sergii Andriienko.



The restaurant is named after Ukraine’s third largest city and was used as the team’s inspiration for the design. Odessa is a rather original city, with an inexpressible ethnic flavour and centuries-old history, located on the banks of the Black Sea in the south of Ukraine. Associative links with the city were imprinted on the restaurant’s interior by including an impression of a topographical map of the old city on one wall. In the hallway leading to the anteroom, visitors meet a wall made of sandstone, the main construction material on the Crimean peninsula. The entire material palette of stone, slate and natural wood used in the design brings about the essence of the enchanting seaside city.