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Sector Structure Multifunctional Hall


The Central Salo sector is at the intersection of two axes of great importance to the municipality of Sant Boi de Llobregat, the Carretera de la Santa Creu de Calafell  and Josep Mariages Av. However, these axes are quite different in nature. The new development should relate these two important axes mentioned above, to continue the Net Baldiri street and serve the new buildings planned, with the addition of a substantial topographic break between them and the current C245. Using a geometric structure crackle as it gets to respond to all these aspects, obtaining also a unitary image of the sector. This crackle to create a system where each piece landscaping can adopt a very distinct character and use depending on the needs. Small squares are generated within this large area with a very local and domestic dimension, playgrounds, areas for seniors and of course gardens as a small botanical garden with native and low water requirement. Within this landscaping, the trees took the role of companion, generating continuous alignments and shadows that accompany the user on their way through the industry. via