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Amazing Space


The initial brief for the house was for a simple rectangular box with symmetrical spaces. The objective being for the creation of order and symmetry to simplify ones life. In addition to this there was to be no direct harsh light into the house; just a natural glow of light throughout. By responding to the natural fall of the land we created two levels to the building with three distinct zones, the effect being a long, low presence on the landscape.




The central zone of the house is the main living, dining, kitchen area, and includes the entrance to the house. In response to the brief of ensuring plenty of natural light without any harsh direct Northern or Western sun into the main living areas, an eave was designed which shades thin long high level windows above the dining and the living areas. Strategically placed skylights and glass windows assist in the constant glow this house is being bathed in. i.e.; the skylights over the kitchen bench and front door windows ensure that the central zone is bathed in beautiful light from sunrise to sunset.



In accordance to the client’s desire for simplicity and material honesty, the house has been reduced to a modest palette of earth, glass and timber. Using one of the oldest and most natural building methods, local sand sourced from the peninsula was used for the construction of the rammed earth walls. The majority of the internal walls are rammed earth creating a beautiful, warm, textural look and feel; taking on a life and personality of their own as they change throughout the day depending on the light. via