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How to Separate Spaces in Enclosed Living and Open Plan Homes


With different rooms in a house serving different purposes, it often makes sense to separate them in one way or another. However, while separating spaces is done for practical purposes, this is not to say that style should be overlooked. Fashion and functionality can go hand in hand, even when it comes to doors and room dividers – read on to see how.


Doors and door furniture

Installing doors is a useful way to block out the noise of the TV while you’re trying to work, hide yourself away when you want a bit of privacy and express the different functions of each room.
As a physical separator, doors primarily serve a useful purpose but they can also add an aesthetic quality to a room. For example, if space is at a premium, opt for a fully glazed clear pine door to maximise light flow into the room and create the illusion of space.
Bi-fold doors are also a useful option for compact spaces and are ideal for en-suites or wardrobes. Natural woodgrain finishes give your room a traditional feel and rustic charm but you can also choose white doors to create a bright, modern and minimalist feel.


You can garnish your door with trendy accessories in the Homebase doors & door furniture collection. These include hot pink heart shaped doorknobs, ideal for a girl’s bedroom, and an elephant door stop to soften the feel of the room and provide a welcoming atmosphere that says ‘home sweet home’.

Room dividers
Room dividers are an alternative to solid doors. Some models work using a smooth sliding operation and can be installed to enable either three doors to slide to the left and one to the right or vice versa, breaking up the space in a way that suits you.
Room dividers are sometimes supplied unfinished so you can choose the paint or stain finish yourself and make the room your own.


Other room dividers come as a tall unit with shelves, which is useful for storing all sorts of things; from books to DVDs. Transforming a house into a home means injecting style as well as practicality so turn room dividers into a bold design feature by filling the shelves with eye catching ornaments. Bright green plants introduce a splash of colour to a neutral room and striking photo frames can turn heads for all the right reasons.


Open plan

Doors might be the most effective room dividers but sometimes you want something a bit more understated. Open plan living spaces are designed with ease of movement in mind and keep spaces looking bright and airy. However, if you want a subtle way to separate rooms from one another, try laying different flooring between spaces, or move the living room sofa so that the back is facing the dining room/home office.

The next time a conversation is disrupted by a particularly raucous washing machine spin cycle or you need some time to yourself, why not browse through the vast array of doors, door furniture and room dividers at Homebase and find a way to keep your living areas separate?