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More Than a Place to Eat


More than a place to eat, Karim Rashid transforms a typical cafeteria into an environment of sensory experiences with eye catching colors and ‘technorganic’ forms, which encourage personal interactions at ‘foodcapitol’, the lotte department store’s Amoje food court in Seoul, South Korea. The design uses columns as nucleii from which long undulating tables branch out, encouraging dialogue and socialization amongst clientele.



Curvaceous ceiling patterns extend to conceal softly glowing lights, blending technology and organics. Individual luminaires in a variety of geometries accent the ceiling amongst its amorphous lines. At the perimeter walls, snack stations are carved out; their openings are layered in a wood grain palette of circumscribed waves. Brightly colored bulbous forms are dispersed throughout, serving to conceal cash registers, while simultaneously making them identifiable. They also assist in orienting customers, and creating clear circulation paths within the complex network of seating. Even when unoccupied, the floor pattern delineates motion within the space. In this digital age of hyper-sensual experiences, rashid has created a kaleidoscope of stimulii.