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Lavender Bay Boatshed by Stephen Collier Architects


The desire to reflect the existing roof structure as an internal volume led to locating the bedrooms at ground level and creating a double height living space at first floor level. Exposing existing timbers and original corrugated roof linings tells of the building’s origins. Combining this with the new timber linings – inspired by childhood memories of being beneath an upturned boat – evokes the maritime heritage, not just of the building, but of the city itself.

bay boatshed2

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While the bedrooms relate to the building’s shoreline location, upstairs, an incision in the existing roof looks to the city skyline on the opposite shore, framing a view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The whole building harnesses unique quality of light in Sydney Harbour. Light is drawn deep into the plan through the roof incisions and the atrium, and then reflected off carefully chosen materials – glass tiles in the bathrooms, polished concrete floor – and the water in the bay outside. via

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