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Albatross Residence


Situated on an exclusive residential street, with only one neighbouring property to the north, the site adjoins extensive park to the south and absolute beachfront to the east. The residence successfully achieves its own oasis, by capturing beachfront vista and access whilst maintaining a private yet expansive pool and entertaining core.


Twenty five metres of glazing capture the absolute eastern beachfront of the property. This expansive room is catered for by the marble and timber finished kitchen with chef’s scullery and abundant cold and dry storage behind. Multiple dining and living areas are defined by furniture and finishes allowing a fully transformable space if the function so requires. Entertaining the end of the room, a split faced sandstone wall is suspended over the flickering floor level fireplace, visually playing on weight and spatial elements.




The internal and external palette of finishes of natural timbers and stone cohesively create a tropical, modern and comfortable ambience. External finishes of recycled timber, natural stone, and copper allow the property to further develop character over time. Tall mature trees matching the scale of the house are intentionally located about the property to frame the beach front, the main entrance and internal courtyard. Two palms boarder the swimming pool as the wet edge between graces the length of the timber colonnade softening polished concrete and rough stone finishes. Lighting of the landscape at night creates drama within the timber battens and palm fronds, backed by the ambient aqua glow of the swimming pool.