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Dreamy Bedrooms


Hello readers. This is Jessica and today I am going to share about dreamy bedrooms and their type, Hope you all will enjoy. Follow me @Pinterest.



Dreamy Bedrooms
Often, our bedrooms are the last room in the home to be decorated. This is because we want the ‘public areas’ to look good for guests, friends and family, so we focus on the living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom before we think about tackling the bedrooms. This can mean that we have exhausted the decorating budget and have very little left over to tackle the bedroom, but this does not mean that you have to abandon all your dreams as far as bedroom décor goes. With ingenuity and the investment of time, you can have the dreamy bedroom you have always wanted!

The Darkly Brooding Bedroom
To achieve this effect you will need the right kind of wallpaper. It may be expensive, but the investment will prove worth it. Choose a dark shade of wallpaper with a strong metallic gleam, or even a glittery finish. Your bedroom furniture will look absolutely stunning against such a backdrop and the light will reflect and glint off the very walls, creating a surreal, yet polished effect. For extra drama, add satin bedding and leather furniture for a gorgeously opulent appearance.



The Cloud Nine Bedroom
This bedroom has a very pure, innocent appeal. A light colored carpet, masses of lightweight curtains in the palest of pastels or soft bright white and perhaps even a four-poster bed with light drapes softly drifting in the slightest breeze all combine to make a simply stunning bedroom. Choose some beautifully crafted bedding from yorkshirelinen.com to enhance the experience of the room by adding a sensual feel to the act of going to bed. You can dress the plain painted walls with swathes of fabric, such as a mass of silky scarves arranged into an evocative swirl, adding to the feminine freshness of the room.



The Cuddly Bedroom
Perfect for the inner child in everyone, this room epitomises a soft, warm refuge from the uncaring world! Create this effect by choosing soft, padded chairs, furniture with rounded corners –so there are no sharp edges – and enhance the effect by adding a soft toy collection. The carpet should be thick and soft, comforting and warm underfoot. Check some range from Landofrugs.co.uk collection. The cuddly toys can join a mass of super-soft pillows on the bed, or they can be arranged on top of a wardrobe. Choose comforting colours, like a soft pale plum, cloudy blue or misty jade green. The key with this comfortable room is to have every soft, rounded and muted; nothing jarring. The beauty of this bedroom is that you cannot help but feel comforted and embraced as you snuggle down in the super-soft bed.



The Stripped Down Bedroom
If the thought of frills and furbelows leaves you cold, you will want a more Spartan bedroom. The minimalist style will work very well creating a gorgeous clear open space in which you will not feel suffocated or crowded by possessions. The floor can be left bare, especially if it is wooden, and only the absolute necessities should be put in, furniture-wise. A plain chest of drawers and matching wardrobe should give you all the storage space you need, leaving plenty of open space. This type of room is ideal for someone who suffers from hay-fever and asthma, as it minimising the areas where dust and mites can accumulate. Bedding can be simple and plain, or you can add a vibrant splash by using lively patterns and colours. This bedroom is wonderfully easy to maintain and clean, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go people who do not want to spend too much time doing chores.



These are just four types of bedroom, all of which can be achieved by simply swapping out furniture and changing the wallpaper or paint. Do some research and see if you can find inspiration to create your ideal dreamy bedroom today!