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Relaxing Steel Armchair


Aria, a new chaise longue designed by Antonio Rodriguez for La Cividina. This collaborative effort combines advanced technology and craftsmanship. The Aria chair is produced by precisely laser cutting a sheet of steel to create rhombuses that form the main body of the seat. Next, the side pieces are combined with the main body to produce a graceful curve. The exterior is then covered with leather that is carefully selected, cut and sewn by hand, while the interior is finished with matt black paint. Aria offers numerous advantages and features – the flexibility of steel, the warmth of leather and careful craftsmanship. Above all, it is the successful result of a complex and ambitious project that involved various fields of expertise. Aria has the ample shape of a comfortable upholstered chair, as well as the charm of steel, which is shaped to create a seat that is both majestic and ethereal.