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Stevenage Town Centre Gardens by HTA Landscape


The Gardens are the primary open space within Stevenage and are an important example of modernist twentieth century design. They embody the hope, aspirations and philosophy of the post war era – access for city dwellers to fresh air, open space and cultural facilities set within a parkland.


The design achieves its master plan objectives by directing movement, enhancing connectivity, increasing use and enabling event programming to revitalise and successfully adapt the existing space. The park’s open spaces and structure have been restored, new sensory gardens created, the play area renewed and enlarged, and new toilet facilities sensitively integrated into the landscape to attract more people to the park and encourage them to stay for longer periods. The project has transformed the run down and poorly functioning park into a well used and active place that has become a destination for both local communities and visitors from further afield. The increased activity draws people to the Gardens and to Stevenage Town Centre, acting as a catalyst for change and regeneration for Stevenage itself. via