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DIY vs. The Professionals- 5 Home Improvement Tasks You Can Complete Yourself


When you look ahead at a potential home improvement project, one of the first things you will probably ask yourself is whether you can complete the job yourself or will have to call upon professional assistance. Whilst the help of a professional may make your life easier there is a good chance that it will come at a greater expense, whereas doing the job yourself could make everything more affordable and leave you in complete control.


It is a conundrum, however help is at hand as detailed below are five home improvement tasks that you may have believed always require the help of a professional but can in fact be completed with your own fair hands;

Project One: Laying Carpet

Although there are many professional carpet fitters out there, it is in fact a project that you can complete yourself. As long as you get your measurements correct and most importantly take your time, there is every chance that you could complete the job to as high a standard as the professionals could.

From a lounge or a bedroom through to something slightly trickier in the form of a flight of stairs, you can utilise the internet to get help or follow manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the carpet is fitted correctly and looks great!

Project Two: Large Scale Re-Tiling

The re-tiling of a whole room, such as a bathroom or kitchen, may initially seem like an incredibly daunting task however it is one which can be tackled yourself. The tiles and all the relevant extras you will need to install can be purchased together at the same time from many suppliers, enabling you to set to work straightaway.

Pre-planning is essential as you need to make sure you purchase the right amount of tiles to fit the area you are tiling in addition to cutting various tiles to fit around pipes and cupboards you will have to work around.


Project Three: Replacing Kitchen Units

If you are fed up with the condition and appearance of your kitchen units and long for them to be replaced but can’t afford the services of a kitchen fitter, worry no more as the project can be completed yourself. Whilst it may require a second pair of hands to help lift cupboards into place as you secure them, you can certainly save a significant amount of money on the costs associated with calling in a professional in this instance.

Project Four: Garden Design and Maintenance

After a particularly windy night, one of the things you will dread coming downstairs to in the morning is the sight of your garden fencing laying in a horizontal position over the other side of your garden when it should be standing upright along your perimeter.

Garden maintenance tasks like fencing repairs along with other projects such as preparing your garden for the coming season or completely redesigning your garden altogether don’t have to be completed by a professional as long as you aren’t afraid to get stuck in and get your hands dirty!


Project Five: Gutter Clearance

Working at height can put many of us off the task of regularly clearing our property’s gutters, however if you have the nerve to get up the ladder, doing the task yourself will save an enormous amount of hassle as you won’t need to book an appointment with a professional and then make sure you are at home when they need to come by and complete the work.

A half an hour job on a Saturday morning can save you money and also ensure the structural stability of your property is in no way jeopardised by blocked guttering that encourages rainwater to seep into the brickwork.

If you have a home improvement task on the horizon that you automatically think professional assistance will be required for, take a closer look to see whether you could do it yourself as this will undoubtedly save you a significant amount of money whilst also making yourself feel proud when everyone sees the high quality end results!

This post was written by Oliver Kyle who has recently undertaken a large scale renovation of his whole home to give it a contemporary edge. When it came to re-tiling, he invested in natural stone from Trade Price Tiles to give both his kitchen and bathroom the modern, stylish aesthetic he was hoping for.