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What to Look For In a Freestanding Oven


The days when a cooker was a huge presence in the kitchen are not necessarily gone but for those looking for a more flexible way of arranging their equipment and appliances there are certainly plenty of different ways to approach things.


Manufacturers such as Belling cookers have a wide range of choice, offering an answer for everyone. A big cooker is something that many people still want as a centre piece for their kitchen but for many others the idea of having the main pats of a cooker as separate can be a perfect solution. To help you make your decision, here are a few things to look for in a freestanding oven.



The idea of breaking things down into their constituent parts has been a big trend in high end cooking in recent years, and the idea of deconstructing a cooker has been around for even longer. For many people with fitted kitchens, especially those where space is at a premium, the ability to place the hob somewhere separate from the oven means you can design a kitchen for your individual needs.

This means that an oven can often be part of a stacked built-in cupboard arrangement, with the hob being fitted to a work surface totally separately. There are many advantages for this approach and not only when it comes to dealing with the space available.

For those people who have mobility difficulties or simply find bending down to use an oven something of a problem, having a unit placed at eye level can be a great improvement. There are also freestanding ovens that are especially designed for countertop use and small units that are perfect for use by those who do not need large capacities.



Of course, ‘freestanding’ is mostly used to describe units that are not enclosed in part of a fitted kitchen set up, but are self-contained pieces of equipment, which can be placed anywhere.

A freestanding oven in this sense will most likely be part of a complete cooker, along with hob and grill sections.

Modern ovens have a wide range of designs to fit any kitchen style, from contemporary metal touch control panels with high quality stainless steel and glass finishes, through to older and more traditional styles, which are suited to a ‘country kitchen’ feel. The one you choose will ultimately be determined by the style of your home.


From large capacities through to easy and self-cleaning options, choosing an oven isn’t just reliant on the way it looks or how it will fit into your kitchen. Fan assisted ovens, rotisserie functions and whether it has a see through door, are things that matter to some people more than others, but should always be considered.

Deciding on the right cooker for you can be daunting, but with a little research, the amount of choice in freestanding ovens will mean you’re sure to find something which is perfect.