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Illuminate Your Garden With LED Lighting


Whilst the bitter cold may still be keeping our coats on, it may be hard to believe that Spring is finally here. The British weather has been as unpredictable as ever over recent months but things can only get better – and warmer.


No doubt your residence will be host to handfuls of social gatherings as Spring begins to find its stride before the marathon of Summertime begins. The idea of summer BBQ’s, shorts and tee’s and sweltering evenings is almost too much to take in.

The Future Of Garden Lighting

So with the lemony smell of a good old-fashioned spring-clean sweeping the air, now is the perfect time to make your home and your garden as inviting as possible. One of the simplest ways to enhance your home is through the use of lighting, more specifically LED Lighting.

Whilst LED’s are becoming more and more popular in the home due to their energy-saving and cost effective nature, one place you may not have thought to utilize them is in your garden. By attaining the services of an established LED supplier, you will be able to find LED Spotlights, Plinths, Flexible Tape, Step lights that will be able to bring your garden to life this season.


But Why Choose LED Lights Over Other Lights?


Compared to conventional outdoor lighting, LED lights are extremely energy saving costing very little run and possess an unmatchable life span. Easy to install and maintain, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the transformation of your garden.


Some LED systems are capable of supplying over 2 million different and inter-changeable colours, meaning your garden can be alive with colour. What LED’s have over their competitors is the fact that they are RGB enhanced. This stands for Red, Green and Blue, which are the primary colours needed to make almost any colour.

The sophistication of such LED systems to generate such a vast colour spectrum means that you can create a certain mood, highlighting pathways, patios and plants for all to see and enjoy.


Creating the perfect mood to relax, party or socialise in really is down to seducing the senses. So use your garden lights to reflect those warm summer nights, light up your patio dance floor, or simply offer a perfect accompaniment after a hard day’s work. Warms reds, electric blues and tranquil greens are simply just the start.


This is the real beauty of LED Lighting. Whilst other forms of lighting a restricted in their effects, colours and level of activity, with LED lighting systems you can customize and control every aspect. Whether you’re looking for a midnight blue, a cosy auburn or a green-tinged-purple, infra-red controllers give you the power to explore. From the cycle speed, to the range of colours, to optimizing an audio cycle in tune with your music, you will never look at your garden in the same light again.


Make Your Garden The Place To Be This 2013

As the days get longer and warmer, being able to retreat to the comfort and beauty of your garden can be the perfect way to spend your 2013. LED lighting really can transform your garden in more ways than you think.


Phil Warrington looks at what LED lighting can bring to your garden this Spring/Summer writing for Litewave; a leading supplier for a range of LED products that can implement in a variety of domestic and commercial ways.