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Large-Format Porcelain Tiles in a Slimline


The value of authentic, artisan-made products represents a return to our roots, focusing on the craftsmanship of the natural due to its excellent aesthetic and functional quality.  Handcraft is the new collection from Inalco that represents the importance of the origin of textures and traditional know-how. This series is the result of a collaboration project between Inalco and architecture studio Bunch S.L., directed by the architect Sara de la Mata. Inspired by the warm texture of clay, the marks of the potter’s hands on terracotta and the most rudimentary techniques, Handcraft is a new line of research that returns to the very essence of materials and the way in which they are worked. Clay is used to express all the skill of traditional craftsmen, in contact with the technological processes of the modern world. Handcraft becomes a collection derived from a process permitting large sizes, and continuous surfaces and a wide range of neutral white, ochre, grey and earthy tones that evoke all of the glow and contrast of clay and its colouring immersed in nature.