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Kitchen Design Trends 2013


It’s a well-known fact that the kitchen is an influential part of any home. The right kitchen can make life easier on a daily basis and can even add value to your property, so it’s an investment that can pay for itself.


If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen and are looking for ideas on how to bring your style up to date, look no further. Here’s a few ideas of the latest trends in kitchen design to help get you started.

Solid wood flooring is showing no signs of losing popularity throughout the home, and the kitchen is no exception. Maple, oak and bamboo are all popular choices, but if your kitchen is a little on the small side then consider a glossy surface such as polished marble to allow light to bounce around and create the illusion of extra space.

LEDs are the new big thing in kitchen lighting and can be used to provide focused lighting in the areas that need it most. With a range of unit lights, spotlights and hood lights you can create a variety of moods in the kitchen to enhance your interior design in an ever shifting range of ways. LED bulbs are energy efficient too, which will help to save the planet and save you a few pennies on your bills.


2013 has seen a trend towards bold combinations of contrasting colours in the kitchen. To really reflect your personality and tastes, add a splash of bright colour to your walls, your units or your accessories to really bring an understated backdrop to life.

Open Plan Workspaces
Open plan living is bigger than ever, and more and more people have combined their living room, dining room and kitchen into one big social space. When your kitchen is on display to guests it’s important for it to look its best and the best way to pack a punch is with a vast expanse of beautiful worktops. Not only does this look great, but it also makes life easier when you are cooking and have plenty of space to get creative.



Storage Solutions
No matter how much space you think you have in your kitchen, it never seems to take very long for your crockery, gadgets and endless accessories to expand to fill it. Luckily, there are countless clever ways to maximise your cupboard space and keep your worktops free from clutter to achieve that open plan look.

The Natural Look
Natural materials are back in a big way and can be incorporated into almost any style, whether you prefer a traditional look or something more modern. To create a country kitchen, opt for unpainted wooden units and slate floor tiles, or use bold lines and untreated materials if you want to give your kitchen an ultra-modern industrial style.



As consumers and manufacturers become more and more environmentally conscious, it has become easier to make informed decisions about your carbon footprint. From the energy efficiency of your appliances to the responsible sourcing of base materials, green is most definitely in this season.


This post was written by Nicky Hand. If you’re planning a new kitchen for your home, I’d recommend taking a look at BGO kitchens where you can remain in complete control through every step of the design process.