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Stammtisch Table by Alfredo Häberli


The Stammtisch is based on the idea to design a social, warm yet visually lightweight table. The shape invites a large number of people to take place.  A bar is placed in longitudinal direction just above the floor, upon which the feet can rest. The result is a posture that was previously seen on many restaurant tables: a relaxed, légère attitude that comes up when a certain amount of coziness is available. The type of construction (sheet metal and wood) has drawn its inspiration from the modern details of the carpentry crafts; the console and joist hangers made of plain steel have their sophisticated rebirth. Different colors of the metal parts provide the table with different characters.   The light wood and laser cut sheet steel feels sophisticated and familiar at the same time. The edges are not simply straight but angle outwards at both ends and inwards along the sides. This torque along the edges makes the table unique whether oval, rectangular or round.