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Simple Ways to Transform Your Home


Interior design doesn’t have to be a costly venture. Small touches and improvements around your home can transform your living space into an elegant and vibrant display, without diminishing your bank account in the process. Here are some simple and innovative tips to freshen up your house this summer:


Find a paint pallet for your rooms:


When painting a room it is always a good idea to stick to bright but soft colours, such as duck egg blue or a pastel green. A light shade will always make a room appear larger and, for rooms with a limited natural light source, will create the illusion of brightness.
If you want to use two different shades in a room to highlight skirting boards or paint a statement wall, make sure the colours complement one another. Keep paints in the same colour family, such as matching soft reds to light oranges, or using pale greens and blues side by side.

Match décor to accentuate shades:


Once you have painted your walls, it is important not to just choose any old pieces of furniture. To maintain a striking interior design, make sure to use soft furnishing in the accent colour that will work as a visually appealing contrast to the room’s base colour.
Accent colours are the perfect way to add a splash of vibrancy to your home whilst still keeping walls and floors in a neutral shade. Decorate the room with pillows, curtains, bed sheets, lamp shades, vases and rugs in a bright variation of the base shade.

Create an atmosphere with lighting:


Regardless of how carefully you have designed a room, bad lighting can ultimately make your home feel unappealing and unattractive. Choosing the right source of light can set a subtle tone to each room and illuminate your space. Lamps in lounges and bedrooms are a practical source of lighting, as well as accenting objects or paintings that you want to draw attention to. General lighting sources in soft and warm shades can create a welcoming atmosphere in halls and doorways. Practical lighting is essential in the kitchen, and fitting LED spotlights under cabinets can be a stylish way to illuminate worktops.

Add a touch of your personality:


Your home is where your heart is so it is always important to make sure you have personalised your space. This does not have to be anything over the top or too eye catching and can work with the theme of a room instead of distracting from the design. Add photographs in bedrooms or display your favourite outfits on wire mannequins to transform your boudoir into a chic space. Framed mirrors can add drama to bathrooms, as long as you resist the temptation to go too over the top. Statement lamps and pillows can really brighten a room, whilst a unique bookcase or floating shelves can balance practicality with personality.