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Shatter, the Big Bang Effect


Shards, shining fragments created by an imaginary cosmic Big Bang. Novel lights that act as a badge of personalisation: Shatter is a succession of elegant volumes that appear to have been detached from a single large Pangaea. The various parcels of light live singly or in original stylish sequences, and are always different and stimulating. The shining fragments of Shatter, offered in 3 different dimensions, are able to illuminate and decorate very large surroundings such as the public areas of hotels, halls, restaurants, etc., but become elements of elegant architectural plasticity also in private spaces where it is possible to use various combinations to obtain a result which has a strong and effective scenic impact. Indeed, the geometric irregularity of the 3 dimensions allows the creation of brilliant unexpected compositional inventions that are always different and original. The material, matt white painted aluminium, further underlines the effect of a carefully thought-out re-grouping of fragments and can be integrated with panache and discretion into every type of décor. via