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How Can Wood Floors Create an Inspirational Working Environment?


Wherever your workplace may be – an office, nightclub or restaurant – making sure the interior design is stimulating, open and bright is essential to keeping you and your colleagues motivated. Wood floors – particularly light oak varieties – are a great way of making people feel relaxed and happy as they walk around on the comfortable surface.

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Wealth of styles
Wood floors can be selected in a wide variety of styles and shades and this can prove to be particularly useful when you are looking to create a bespoke floor just for you and your co-workers to enjoy. Whether you’re after light, neutral tones or dark, richer colours, wood floors can be tailored to your every need.
Once the material is laid down, you’ll notice your working environment has a far more professional appearance and this is a great attribute to have when important clients are visiting.
Natural light oak wood choices – which can be purchased from the Solid Wood Flooring Company – are highly popular in commercial settings and whichever sheen or colour you opt to fit for your office, all workers are sure to feel they can complete their daily tasks with more ease.


Hard-wearing and reliable
Not only are wood floors easy on the eye, they are also extremely durable and can handle large amounts of foot traffic. This means they are great for any working environment, so even if you want to fit wood floors in a nightclub, the surface will survive for years to come.
One of the main reasons why so many employers choose oak wood floors for their working spaces is because of this resistance to everyday activity, plus the material requires little maintenance.
When you’re working in surroundings that you know are well looked after and aren’t on the brink of crumbling away, it’s much easier to get on with the day ahead and adopt a more relaxed approach to your job.


Just in case you didn’t already have enough reasons why you should invest in wood floors, the surface is also known for being low-cost, so even firms on a budget have no excuse for not fitting it.
Providing companies adhere to wood floors’ simple care requirements – that take little time out of a daily schedule – the material will make you savings and you won’t have to worry about planning a new office renovation any time soon.
You will love the fact the floors cause minimal disruption to your working lifestyle and there’ll be more room in the company budget for social activities and other benefits.


By making your working space more environmentally-friendly, you are sure to inspire colleagues to live a more sustainable existence. Wood floors – particularly the oak variety – are extremely green and could save around 0.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per cubic metre.
Increasing the wood content of a building, whatever it may be, can dramatically lower its carbon footprint and this will mean you’re helping the world become a greener place all in a day’s work.
Wood floors also help to insulate a space, so in the winter you and your colleagues will cherish the fact you are cosy inside while the rain thrashes down – and in summer, the material helps to keep rooms cool.