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New Business Unit for Luxury Lovers


Reached the threshold of 50 years of activity, Zordan Company, historical firm in Valdagno, Vicenza, creates a new Business Unit for luxury lovers. The new Business Unit Gemme di Bosco will be the voice of  Zordan philosophy. With its new business, Zordan Company want to demonstrate that luxury can and should be sustainable and should take responsibility for the social and economic fortunes of the local area. To translate its vision into action, in 2012 Zordan Company gives life to a local supply chain, thanks to the involvement of a sawmill and a cooperative with the purpose of controlling the production process, in order to guarantee the traditional quality and beauty of Italian manufacturing.




Customer in the front row

Production turns in show “Wood is eternal, and even if transformed at different stages, continues to exist. Therefore, we believe that is the customer to enter in the history of their own Gemma “. This philosophy has led Zordan Company to reinvent the supply chain, making it digital, and allowing the customer to participate to the production of their own furniture. The customer can follow the process from cutting to finishing through the login area, where will be loaded promptly photos and videos.