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How to Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home


The kitchen has always been and remains at the heart of every home. Modern design trends, however, have changed things, turning kitchens from merely functional spaces to places for all family members to use and relax in. If you’re considering updating your kitchen this year, here are some ideas on how you can make your kitchen the best space in your home.


Colour schemes

When designing a new kitchen, it’s essential you plan your colour scheme, as this will help you decide on the designs and materials you wish to use. It’s becoming extremely fashionable to use neutral colours and textures, from natural wood flooring to granite surface tops. Going for bright white or off-white cabinets works extremely well in these types of settings, as they give a modern, clean look. When picking surface tops, if you’re a messy cook, choosing darker colours is advised, as stains could leave your new kitchen looking tatty.



If you want to create a stylish, yet well-lit environment, choosing LED lighting is most definitely recommended. LEDs are highly efficient and provide great levels of lighting. If you’re looking to give your home a modern vibe, LED strip lighting can bring a sleek, designer look to your kitchen.

kitchen-space- cook-clean-easily

Make the most of your space

The key to a great kitchen is space; space to cook and clean easily without any obstruction is vital. Think about the things that frustrate you about your kitchen and try to fix them. If, for example, your space is limited, then maybe it’s worth putting that fondue set and unnecessary kitchen equipment in the loft, instead of keeping them in a cupboard.


Make it look good

To make your kitchen truly feel like the heart of your home, you need to instil harmony. Nobody wants to spend time in a room if it doesn’t look and feel good. If your units are all mismatching colours and styles, it simply won’t look or feel right. Investing in efficient and nice looking kitchen storage is a must if you want to create a truly special kitchen. Fitted kitchens may not be the cheapest way to do things, but they do help create a harmonious kitchen environment.



There’s nothing more annoying than working in an ill-equipped kitchen. Investing in proper equipment will make cooking and cleaning a much easier, more enjoyable task. An integrated dishwasher is a great way to help keep your kitchen uncluttered, as well as clean and with a number of highly affordable options on the market, you have no excuse not to get one.

Your next investment should be a kitchen water filter. Imagine having an unlimited supply of perfectly pure drinking water. Finally, you can ditch bottled water for good. This even works with a private well. Just have your water properly tested and get one of the best under sink well water filters.