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How to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom


It is often considered a luxury to have a guest bedroom in your home, but many of these spaces are actually multi-purpose rooms that are only used to accommodate guests when needed. This can make decorating your guest bedroom particularly difficult – so how should you go about it?


Fitted bedroom furniture

As guest bedrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in the house, installing fitted furniture can be a great way to create more space. Fitted bedroom furniture can be a very useful option and in small box rooms, it may well be your only option.

Fitted wardrobes, for example, can have sliding doors which require less space than freestanding alternatives that require space to open and shut. Bespoke furniture, which fits the exact dimensions of your room, can also prove useful, by ensuring every part of the room is used to great effect.


Sofa beds

Sofa beds can be the most important piece of furniture in a guest room. Typically, this item would spend most of its life as a sofa and be converted to a bed only when the guests arrive. Sofa beds look great, come in a huge choice of designs, shapes and sizes, cater for every budget and are an extremely practical option, making them a worthwhile purchase.



To generate more storage space in this typically small room, shelving should definitely be a consideration. By fitting shelving, you are utilising redundant wall space for a practical purpose, whilst also giving guests a place to store any possessions they bring with them on their stay.

Use a neutral colour

The general décor of a guest room should be flat and neutral. Not only are these tones inoffensive to everybody, with no attempt made to be daring, bold or arty, but they create a greater sense of space, which can be particularly advantageous in a small guest room.

Paint the walls with high quality paint, in colours such as mushroom grey or Pampas grass, creating something clean and clear but not boring. Hang curtains or blinds to add warmth and consider injecting colour through a few accessories.

guest-room- neutral-colour-decor

Sliding storage draws

Another great space saving idea in a guest room is to have sliding storage draws that you can wheel under the bed. If your guest bedroom doubles as an office or playroom for the kids, then this is the perfect way to keep these possessions out of sight when friends or family come to stay.