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House in Travanca by Nelson Resende


The house is developed in three different levels, having two of them a visual and physical relationships with the exteriors and the last one with a great visual expansion till the horizon, searching for the sea, in south and west. It has, a great salubrity conditions, a good solar exposition. The building was created as a creation of three different volumes, all of them built in concrete, but at the same time in three different concrete colors. The white color in walls and carpentry, the wood in the pavement and stone in the service areas allows the creation of a simple environment, valuing the unity and homogeneity. By the exterior, the concrete and windows with a big glass areas, such as the wood pavements, tries to evolve the vegetation and get old, without being old. via

house travanca exterior

concrete house

house three different concrete colors

house travanca pool area

building created three different volumes

house travanca garden

creation simple environment

house unity homogeneity

white color walls carpentry

dining living room