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Collection of Wallcoverings Inspired by the World of Food


Gardens of Wonder” is the all-new collection of wall coverings produced by Giardini Wallcoverings and signed by Vincenzo Dascanio. The brand-new collection goes beyond the simple concept of finishing: it is identity, imagination, pleasure  capable of cancelling the ordinary and everyday.“I Giardini delle Meraviglie” is a perfect synthesis between creativity and research, where materials and technology merge. Inspired by the world of food, the collection seems to invite you not only to touch and look, but also to imagine fragrant scents and evocative tastes.


Printed with advanced technologies, the fine silhouettes of Victorian tableware in pale colours on a pearl-white ground confer a unique charm to this item.


Here it is, a bar of chocolate reducing its three dimensions to two to become a wall covering. Advanced printing technologies confer an amazing graphic, matte and glossy effect to the surface, evoking the smooth haptics and the distinctive volume of a bar of chocolate.



The full body of red wine or the dry taste of white wine: the fascinating light-dark contrast of the decorative pattern expressed via advanced digital printing technologies transforms these tastes and flavours into a visual experience.


The fascinating natural architecture of vegetables lends its aesthetics to Orto, wall covering. Orto, the Italian word for potager, boasts unique haptics thanks to a flocked finish and attracts the eye with an out of scale decoration.