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Bank Decor for Happy Customers


The building is offset approximately two metres from the property line, and the timber-decked peripheral space is filled with colourful 9 metre-tall sticks. These 29 exterior sticks, reflected on the transparent glazed facade, mix naturally with the 19 interior sticks placed randomly inside the building. This rainbow shower returns colours and some room for playfulness back to the town. via



Entering the building, the visitors would notice that they are still in an exterior courtyard leading to the bank’s interior. Here, also the inside and outside are integrated. Walking around the glazed courtyard inside, there is a cafe-like open space filled with natural light. The bamboos in the courtyard extend skyward in concert with the colourful sticks.


The exterior deck space, interior open space, exterior courtyard, and the interior teller counters compose four layers of spaces. The layers are reflected on the glazing, and, combined with complex shadows, they create depth in the space.