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How to Make Your Home More Eco-friendly


Over the last decade there has been a growing trend among architects to create designs that are both environmentally-friendly and stylish. With society’s growing concern about climate change, this trend is set to continue.


The past few years has seen it filter down to interior designers and homeowners, many of whom now look for ways to incorporate sustainable materials and eco-friendly decorating ideas into their designs and homes.

Now introducing eco-friendly products to homes is no longer the preserve of the very wealthy, instead it has become affordable and accessible to most people. If you want to introduce this trend into your home but are unsure of where to start, or are just looking for added inspiration, here are five ways of making your home more eco-friendly.


Windows are a great way to add natural light, heat and ventilation into your home. Today windows come in all shapes and sizes, from flat roof skylights to floor-to-ceiling glass panes, so adding extra windows into your home is now more achievable than ever before. Also extra windows means more light, which adds the illusion of extra space – perfect if your home has small rooms.

Additionally, if you are expanding your home by adding a loft extension or cellar conversion, skylights are a great way of installing windows. For new builds, large windows make a house look modern, elegant and minimalist.

It won’t make an impact visually, but making sure your home is insulated properly is one of the most eco-friendly changes you can make to your property. Older properties are often less insulated than newer homes, but not matter how old your home is it will benefit from effective insulation. Homeowners are encouraged to insulate their homes because it cuts down on energy used to retain warmth, which has the added benefit of reducing their energy bills.

Solar panels
Installing solar panels has started to become popular with homeowners, and its popularity is set to continue. Solar panels helps to reduce energy usage and bills through harnessing the natural energy produced by the sun.

The popularity of installing solar panels over the last decade means that now they are incorporated into buildings ranging from skyscrapers to new residential houses, and they can even been seen on older, traditional homes.


Accessories and furniture
Don’t forget to look at introducing eco-friendly accessories and furniture into your home. Buying furniture made from sustainable materials, especially those made locally, is a simple way of ensuring your home is more eco-friendly. Also consider your accessories, for example your bedding and curtains, as there are many products available that are made using sustainable materials and methods.

Along with this, using energy saving light bulbs and appliances will help to reduce the amount of energy your home produces and simply remembering to turn off lights, televisions and other electrical appliances will help.


Often people forget about their outdoor space when going green, however there are a number of ways it can help your home be more eco-friendly. If your backyard is big enough, think about planting hedges rather than putting up fences, as these will provide a place for wildlife to nest and find food.

Also consider growing your own fruit and vegetables, as an increasing number of people have also found that by doing this it not only provide them with fresh, organically grown produce, but helps to save money and is better for the environment.