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Luxury Bedroom Ideas


Whether you have recently moved in to a new home or are simply re-decorating your old bedroom, you may be thinking of ways to turn a regular room into a luxury bedroom – and we’re here to help!



There are plenty of ways to brighten up your room and give it a luxury feel that will woo even the most difficult-to-impress guests.

Below are some of our top luxury bedroom ideas.


The Bed

To give your bed a luxury feel, opt for a foam mattress that will mould to your body shape and provide you with the support you need to get an exceptional night’s sleep.

Nothing bespeaks luxury like silk sheets, as they offer a quality feel combined with a stylish appearance.

If you want to go for a more classic look, choose 100 per cent Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton is known for being one of the softest materials in the world, and will dramatically improve your sleep as well as offering a luxury look that will complement your bedroom style, whatever your choice of décor.



The Furniture

When planning your luxury bedroom, the furniture is as important as the bed in terms of being a central focus.

An impressive wardrobe is the first feature you should think about, and if you want a super-lux bedroom, perhaps consider investing in a walk-in wardrobe.

High-quality sideboards are also important in adding a luxury feel, and can often be seen from your bed if you’re planning on using them as a place on which to position your television or a bedroom LED mirror for doing your make-up.  Good bedroom furniture need not be expensive, not even the larger items: retailers like Sainsbury’s offer quality products at low prices and in a wide variety of styles.

Consider the style and shape of your furniture and perhaps head to a furniture auction to get some good deals on vintage items that will give your room that classic and striking appearance.



The Décor

Always plan your bedroom around your décor and not the other way round, otherwise you will be left with a jumble of mismatched themes.

Nowadays it’s easy to plan your décor online: just simply type in your room dimensions and then use paint and image tools to plan out how your room will look.

If your room is small, make use of mirrors to add space. Lighting is also important in making rooms look bigger and brighter.

If you have plenty of space, try some wall art to add something unique to your bedroom.

Classic styles never go out of fashion so don’t always take the advice of home decorating magazines or rush to opt for the latest trends.

Remember, it’s your room and you have to sleep in it so choose something that you will enjoy waking up to.