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Exterior Style: Modern Design Ideas for your Home


The outside of the home is the face that greets your visitors, so no matter how impressive your décor inside, a bad first impression will last.  It’s time to apply some interior design style to the exterior, and here are some ideas to guide you.

Colour and materials


The exterior of a home needs to complement its surroundings, so in a close neighbourhood, colour should be chosen in light of the region’s preferences. Neutral or natural colours are usually best; instead of showing personality with brights, express your style with design features such as wooden panelling (be inspired by this home) surprising water features or unusually positioned plants.



The most modern homes are filled with natural light and given an airy feel thanks to an abundance of glass, but the exterior appearance will reap the benefits of as much transparency as possible too. If huge areas of glass leave you feeling over-exposed, the addition of a few clever features can still create a modern and sleek look. A full glass uPVC front door, like those available from specialists such as Safestyle UK, is perfect. Choosing blinds that can be completely drawn back out of sight from the outside will give a greater sense of openness compared to curtains.



The correct lighting can highlight the materials used on the exterior of your home in a way that can bring them to life or even create a whole new look – perfect if you are restricted by regulations governing your home’s outward appearance. Consider spotlights set into any overhanging platforms, or perhaps use coloured lighting inside your home in window-side spaces to give it a modern glow when viewed from the street.