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Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms


Often considered one of the most difficult rooms in the house to get right, small bedrooms require a lot of thought and attention when it comes to decorating. Choosing the right colours and furniture can make the most of limited room and create the illusion of open spaces – but what should you look for?

Bedroom Colour schemes

Whilst a lighter colour can make a room feel more open this does not mean you should cover your small bedrooms in lashings of white paint – this runs the risk of the room becoming clinical, losing cosiness and warmth.

IMG1Instead, look at gentle creams and pastel shades such as blue or yellow. These work especially well in nurseries or bedrooms for children where the soft colours create a relaxing atmosphere.

You should also think twice before adding anything with a big, loud pattern as this is likely to overpower the room. Matching simple patterns is best and should ideally be included in small quantities through soft furnishings and bed linen.

Space saving beds

Obviously, having a huge and ostentatious bed in a tiny room is only going to make the room feel smaller. A better approach is to match the level of the bed to the size of the road.

Low level, space saving beds maximise the amount of open space in the room and offer plenty of practical features. Storage is typically found underneath but there are other options available.

This includes inserting your bed within other items of bedroom furniture to create a seamless design. By incorporating the bed with wardrobes and other storage units you are able to fulfil all of the practical demands of the bedroom without sacrificing style or space.


Furniture for small bedrooms

Of course, beds aren’t the only type of furniture you need in your bedroom – there are plenty of other items which are ready to battle over any remaining floor space.

Looking for innovative storage solutions is therefore necessary and ceiling to floor shelving units make a striking but practical feature when placed behind the bed.


Practical considerations will need to be made when selecting your units though, with even something as simple as door opening mechanisms coming under scrutiny.

You may not realise it, but traditional doors which open outwards require additional space to allow easy and uninterrupted access. By selecting sliding wardrobe doors instead you don’t have to worry about clearing a space in front of the wardrobe to access it.

Opting for mirrored versions can enhance the space saving benefits even further, helping to illuminate the room by reflecting light to give it a light and roomy feel.


Finishing touches

When it comes to selecting your finishing touches, keep ornaments and decoration to a minimum. Beds should not be overdressed with cushions or throws but should be kept simple for an uncluttered appearance.