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.PSLAB and Aesop collaborate to light the newly opened Aesop boutiques in London & Paris


.PSLAB and Aesop have collaborated with Parisian studio Ciguë, to light the newly opened Aesop stores in Paris and London. This constitutes .PSLAB’s third collaboration in London, after having collaborated with Mint, an interior design store, since September 2011 and with Bulthaup UK, high-end kitchen brand, since June 2012. .PSLAB chose site-specific products to highlight the uniqueness and modest appearance of each new store and bring to light the unmatched hair, skin and body products.



The primary aim of this collaboration is for .PSLAB and Aesop to merge their efforts to create a unique lighting concept for each of the two new Aesop stores. The success of this collaboration lies in the similarities between the brands’ culture and philosophy. This is apparent when looking closely at each brand’s approach to their respective and unique crafts which, while seemingly very different, have a lot in common.


Indeed, .PSLAB designs and manufactures site-specific lighting products, following a customized project approach, in which they treat each project as unique. They provide a site-specific lighting solution in line with the site’s individualities and in response to the encountered constraints. It is upon recognizing those shared values and beliefs that Aesop was able to place its trust in .PSLAB to deliver exactly what was needed.

The two brands share similar viewpoints on design. They believe in the notion that each space is unique, requiring a unique creative approach. They also both seek materials whose color and texture work well with the space. Whether creating a brand new lighting product or skincare, body or hair product, both brands resort to the environment, the inherent needs and the constraint to guide their creation.


The success of this collaboration is based on the continuous and open dialogue between .PSLAB and Aesop throughout the entire process from concept to construction. This allowed for Aesop to be able to be part of each step. Aesop is well-known for using each boutique to serve as its unique brand communication tool. For this reason, a lot of effort is placed on each store, to recreate through the space the Aesop identity, all the while remaining unique to its own environment. .PSLAB was chosen to take part in this journey and assist in making that happen.

While this is the first time both brands work together, collaborations are not a novel concept for .PSLAB; since its inception, the .PSLAB work on a collaborative basis. It is the shared approach that has encouraged .PSLAB to enter into this collaboration with enthusiasm and ambition. Both brands are able to understand each other well, turning this joint effort into a harmonious collaboration.


For the Paris and London Aesop stores, .PSLAB used a combination of site specific lighting products modified to match the uniqueness of each space. .PSLAB products, from cylindrical recessed lighting to composite hanging surface mounted lighting fixtures, were selected to fit with the overall concept and vision Aesop had for the space. .PSLAB’s brand character is translated into their lighting concepts and this can be felt through their choice of materials and the look and feel of the .PSLAB products, hand-finished by a team of artisans in their factory.

The products responded effectively to the demands of each space all the while maintaining each location’s uniqueness relative to its own environment and offerings. This collaboration holds as a true testament to the bespoke approach .PSLAB follows whenever working on a new project.