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Outdoor Area by JUMA Architects


JUMA architects was commissioned to a covered outdoor area to add to an existing house. An existing volume was removed first and then to provide a canopy that is part of a much broader concept outside. The canopy receives a floating effect by the number of support points to a minimum, so there is an open area created for a panoramic view of the surrounding lush greenery makes. The long garden wall allows the existing house seem larger, partly because it is built in the same material as the house.




The inset heaters and wood fireplace provide year round for a pleasant feeling of comfort. Under the canopy is sufficient room to provide covered to BBQ. Thus, taken into account the dimensions of the bbq which the client already had bought. To preserve the concrete tub after, the pool was also completely redesigned. The covered terrace and the upper pool are connected by a diagonal end path which provides extra dynamism. The flooring was renewed. In terms of materials, we opted for the classic clay pavers and tiles in blue stone. This ensures harmony between the existing house and the classic sleek design of the covered terrace.