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Amazing Restaurant Decor


LMarchitects have recently completed the ‘V’ammos Restaurant in Piraeus Karaiskakis Stadium’ in Athens, Greece. Cued from the nearby sea since the stadium is built over it, an undulating ceiling element unifies the dining atmosphere within the restaurant. The parametrically designed structure is a waffle grid which creates a wave-like surface. Natural daylight filters through some of the compartments, creating a dappled illumination. The dining area’s linear layout allows for individual rooms which may be given additional privacy by drawing sheer curtains. A glass wall along the entire one side of the restaurant overlooks the playing field. The bar is formed with an installation of 300 stacked cooking pots. The repetition brings identity to the object itself while reading as a wall of masonry blocks. This motif continues into the lavatories, with pots used as basins for the sinks. via

installation 300 stacked cooking pots

restaurant bar decor pots

amazing restaurant decor

restaurant decor pots sinks

cooking pots interior decor