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Contemporary Classic Hotel Interior


Hotel Dua is the latest addition to the hospitality scene in Kaohsiung. Determine to break away from the pervasive banality of hotel look , Hotel Dua is conceptualized with regional context in mind.

classic hotel interior8

With a backdrop restricted to limited material palette, the primary design intent is to provide the interior with a sense of serenity; a sanctuary for weary travelers. With that setting the tone, rest of the interior was complimenting it and in the process reflecting elements of local culture.via

classic hotel interior2

classic hotel interior3

classic hotel interior4

classic hotel interior5

classic hotel interior

classic hotel interior6

contemporary classic hotel interior

These can be seen through the usage of traditional elements such as weaving pattern (hanging lamp shade/ metal screen/ reception lobby carpet), traditional Chinese ink painting (carpet pattern at typical floor Lift Lobby) and the local floral-pattern fabric (throw pillows/ table lamp base/ bathroom tiles) . The effort of being regional aside, one or two pieces of contemporary classic. Scandinavian chairs were also introduced in some area. Why not? Who doesn’t love them?