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Industrial and Vintage Decor


The interior design studio AM_Asociados has carried out the design and implementation of Serrajтrdia, an emblematic bakery in the town of Sant Cugat del Valles near Barcelona.

serrajordia decor

serrajordia interior

serrajordia interior decor

The space is designed with a dual role in mind: a sales area with coffee shop and a delicatessen. The objective was to capture the maximum natural light possible in order to enhance the product and provide light to the whole area.

Serrajтrdia combines an industrial and vintage style. The industrial touch has been achieved through several factors. Firstly, the integration of the workrooms with the sales area by using iron fences and glass. Thus everything is within the view of clients, providing the premises with a feeling of great spaciousness. Secondly, all the installations are visible, the air ducts, water pipes, electricity, fire, structural beams and the wood and iron fittings, all lit with lights specially chosen to maintain excellent luminosity throughout the whole day.

The furniture is made of fine materials inspired by a vintage-style combined with white roughly textured walls with a brick backdrop in its natural colour.

The exhibition and sale furniture has been designed and manufactured by AM_Asociados.  Some elements that stand out are: the distressed wood on the floor and on the counter, as well as the black-iron structures and the maceal White Marvel. Another basic element is the large display rack, made of distressed solid pine.

Furniture brands Francisco Segarra and Merc & Co sign the remaining furniture. The lamps were purchased in Factory 20 and Fins de Siegles and combined to create a welcoming atmosphere.

The facade has undergone a major restructuration when opening new spaces to get the maximum permitted height from the building architecture.

The recently opened terrace, follows the design of the interior – a vintage industrial look. The sofas have been designed using the metalwork of the windows, with just the addition of a similar bench in look and structure. The upholstery and cushions follow the same vintage style of the furniture. The distribution and the height of the visors have been chosen in order to let in the maximum natural light possible. via