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Old School Charm Bistro


The bistro’s interior is experienced in multiple layers, and can be separated into two main parts – the main dining area and the bar & drinks section. In response to the client’s brief for a flexible spatial arrangement, folding metal screens are used to segregate the areas, but when collapsed together, opens into one huge space. And on closer look, these metal screens are cut in patterns inspired by traditional floor tile motifs. via

old school charm bistro decor

bar drinks interior decor

Materials and choice of furnishings are selected and reinterpreted to evoke a laid-back old school charm. Wired glass, usually used as window louvres, now becomes tabletop surfaces. Dining chairs are made to look like old wooden classroom chairs. These are complemented with the terrazzo flooring and glass pendant lamps.

old school charm bistro

dining area interior decor

old wooden classroom chairs

bar bistro area

dining chairs bistro decor

bar drinks area