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Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2013


Upcoming kitchen designs reflect a change in the way we spend our time at home. No longer just functional, trends now focus on a social layout as families begin to entertain and dine in more frequently. With so many changes coming up in the year ahead, here are some of the most notable.

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While this year has remained steady in terms of favouring darker colours, 2013 designs predict a change to lighter, more neutral colours, with dark counter tops in marble and stone to create an elegant, natural look. Pale solid wood flooring remains popular, in particular bamboo as designers strive to use more renewable materials.

LED lighting is taking hold in the global interior design world at the moment, not just for its energy-efficiency properties but also as a part of the focus on integration, making the lighting a fundamental feature rather than just a functional necessity. Continuing this through to adjoining rooms allows the kitchen to meet the rest of the house without compromising on style.

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A growing requirement for simple, minimalistic kitchen design has sparked an increase in appliance integration. Most of our appliances are now hidden in cabinets, while under-counter refrigerators are being used more to keep an even countertop surface. The oven, the statement piece of the kitchen, predominantly appears in classic stainless steel. Brand names like Bosch or Viceroy, are still as significant in design consideration as always.

Glass backsplashes are being used in design schemes in almost every type of kitchen style, offering a simple, clean look, and a surface which is both easy to maintain and easy to match with an existing kitchen. Back-painted glass is particularly popular for adding a splash of colour to a modern kitchen, and reflects soft LED lighting to create an open, inviting ambience.

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Social design
The emphasis on living in your kitchen is highlighted in upcoming trends, by the growing popularity of large kitchen islands over dining tables, suggesting a shift from the dining room to kitchen as families begin to spend more time in their homes for dinner and drinks. Small changes are also increasing in popularity; in particular, cabinet handles are becoming less bulky, with most designers opting instead for recessed handles and one-touch drawers, both for style and convenience.

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