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Styles of Platform Beds


One of today’s trendiest bed styles is that of a platform bed. These particular beds are usually made of materials like wood or metal. Unlike beds that might accommodate both a mattress and a box springs, platform beds are simply made for mattresses. The support for the mattress used on a platform bed comes from the slats underneath. The simplistic design of the platform beds has been modified to create other styles of beds.

platform beds

One kind of platform beds is the Asian platform bed. This particular bed style is inspired by Asian countries such as China, Japan and Thailand. The design of this platform bed feature clean lines and hand carved designs, such as dragons, into the bed frame. The predominant material used to make Asian platform beds would be hardwoods like oak. Many like this style of platform beds for its simplicity as well as its ability to create a peaceful space.
Contemporary platform beds owe their inspiration to traditional European designs. They feature bold lines with an air of simplicity. Sometimes referred to as modern platform beds, these are also usually made from wood. Popular woods used in making contemporary platform beds are oak and mahogany. These beds have short legs which provide a sleek look. When looking for a new bed check out different brands like tempur .
Platform beds have also merged with the classic sleigh bed. This kind of bed features both large footrests as well as headboards. Some sleigh platform beds may also have built in storage underneath. For this reason, this can make a great bed for a child’s room or even a guest bedroom.
Some of today’s platform beds are eco-friendly styles. This particular type of platform bed is made from bamboo. They still look like traditional platform beds. However, the wood used to make eco-friendly platform beds is more eco-friendly than other types previously mentioned.