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The Secret of Magneto


The heart of its design is a magnetic sphere. This is the secret of Magneto, a table and reading lamp designed by Giulio Iacchetti, with an invisible power: the mysterious force of a magnet that joins the two elements of which it is made – the support rod with a circular base and the LED light – in a simple, practical way and defines its elegant, minimalist and decisive nature.

led light magneto

The light, which resembles an electric torch or a microphone, is extremely versatile to angle and position along the stand, thanks to the magnet’s power of attraction. It has been designed with a special channel to house the cable. The supporting stand of the table version can also be rotated 360° on the base, making Magneto an extremely flexible lamp, perfect for a wide range of uses.

simple practical lamp magneto

The LED light source, chosen as the best expression of the design’s formal and functional rigor, provides an intense, concentrated and precise beam of light. The light can be focused downward to light a small area, like a book, a magazine or a computer keyboard, or upwards to create a soft effect and an intriguing atmosphere.
Its color – red or grey – is a fundamental element of this lamp, which is perfect for a range of different spaces and moments: from the office to the lounge, and from the living room to the bedroom. Its personality is special, strong and subtle, attractive and seductive. In one word: magnetic.

magneto light