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Outdoor By VIBIA


The new Outdoor collections from VIBIA redefine the concept of naturalness, creating a more subtle lighting experience. Versatile products designed to fit in harmoniously in all kinds of outdoor spaces like gardens, terraces and yards. via

beautifully functional lighting fixture

PORT by Josep Lluís Xuclà is a beautifully functional lighting fixture, ideal for brighten specific garden areas, or just light up a table. Its portability and aesthetic design with reminiscences of classic Japanese lanterns makes it a contemporary reinterpre¬tation of traditional pieces.

outdoor lighting1

An ideal outdoor lighting combines aesthetic and functionality. It can uplift decor, and improve moods. In that sense, BOXES designed by Josep Lluís Xuclà is the perfect example of an outdoor lighting fixture. With its minimalistic design, it can either light up a pathway around your garden and highlight key features of facades and landscape painting a general ad-hoc lighting effect.

outdoor lighting palo alto

With a look and feel inspired by the branches of trees, the PALO ALTO Series by designer Josep Lluís Xuclà offer a variety of models to choose from: beacons, pergolas and arbor lamps to create different compositions and a casual outdoor atmosphere with light coming from above. LED technology and aluminum structure completes the formula for optimum performance and durability.