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Add a Rustic Feel To Your Home With Oak Furniture


Buying oak furniture for your home is not just a purchasing choice; when introducing your home into a solid piece of oak, you are in fact investing into a long held tradition that has been the staple of homes, particularly in the United Kingdom, for centuries. Not only does oak fail to go out of fashion, but it is a material that can quite simply last for decades without diminishing in strength, style or splendour.

oak furniture

Besides solid oak floors (which can actually raise the value of your home and help sell it quicker), we quite often find that oak furniture has a distinct presence within a room and has the natural ability to suit the decor of any interior; whether you aim for traditional or contemporary.
So, if you’re currently hunting for a new bookshelf, or are even moving house and are looking to restock your whole furniture collection; here are a few oak pieces that may well just catch your eye.
Oak Bookcase
Bookcases are the cornerstones to the integrity of a house, and it is a famous saying that a house without a bookcase is one that is not to be trusted. It is the simple beauty of an oak bookshelf that perfectly complements literature; whether you fill it with classics such as Pride & Prejudice or merely a few Harry Potter novels, there is certainly something satisfying about seeing a bookcase full of books.
Be careful however, as it has recently been revealed that the average shelf is filled with 70% of unread novels. To further this, 57% of the books that we put on show are in fact books that serve only the purpose of impressing our peers. Novels such as the aforementioned Pride & Prejudice, along with Sense & Sensibility, Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird all often serve to put on a show of intelligence.
Of course, you could alternatively fill it with DVD’s.


Computer Desk
Mixing the contemporary with the traditional, a computer desk, available from Oak Furniture UK, is somewhere where we spend much of our time, especially if we have the privilege of working from home; so why not take a little bit of pride in a desk and spend just that little bit of extra money on making it the most luxurious and solid desk that you have ever bought?
Experts say that on average, people spend between 41 minutes and five hours a day sitting at a desk (that is, presuming that they don’t work at one), that’s just two hours less than the amount of time that we sleep. With so much time being spent at them, it is quite possibly the time to start taking a little bit more care on a piece of furniture that we spend so much time interacting with.

computer desk

Oak Bed Frame
Of course, if you want nothing more than to relax, rather than focus on what your computer is sitting on top of, than a brand new rustic oak bed may be exactly what you are looking for. Noted for their sturdiness and shear ability to survive the decades unmarked by aging or wear, solid oak beds are the first choice for anyone whose comfort is of first priority.
Complimented beautifully by the possibility of memory foam mattresses and pillows, you’ll be offered nothing more luxurious or comforting during this lifetime by combining an oak bed with a memory foam mattress. In fact, the mattresses have been shown to not only increase the comfort of an individual, but also improve their sleeping patterns, as the spine is perfectly aligned with the pressure absorbance that is offered from the new bedding technology.

oak furniture bedroom